About Skilled Deck Builder

Who am I?

Born In Hamilton Ontario in 1956, Ed went to school in Burlington Ont, as a teenager he would work in construction during the summer and part time hours since age of 15.

at age 19 went to university but decided his first love was construction, and building things. Ed did his apprenticeship as a carpenter and for awhile was unionized then a foreman but missed the actual hard work and feeling of gratitude when accomplishing building things with his own hands.

He has built many custom homes, built homes for himself also. Has worked in a few countries as a carpenter and definitely has a critical eye and an attention to detail.

Locally he has built a hockey training facility, many stores and businesses use his service, .but of all things decks are his favorite, usually built within a week and great customer satisfaction.

Ed will not cut corners in his work and believe in extra support over basic, such as always using 6×6 posts underneath the deck, also using triple beams for support.

Every job I do leads to another job eventually and a happy customer remembers the service and workmanship.

Ed will almost never attach to the home for support and has walked away from jobs that will lead to a bad name.

Many deck designs look beautiful but are fundamentally not good leading to easy rotting and problems. Ed will explain and guide the customer to hopefully easily maintainable decks.


Building some of the best composite decks in the area.

As of 2016 due to the bad experiences, Ed has had with the quality of the wooden deck surfaces, he has tried to use only Trex composite.

We are making some of the best decks around using aluminum handrails and cedar for pergolas and privacy screens.

Our attention to detail is better then 95% of the others and no shortcuts will be taken. Oover structure is mandatory to us, and I hope guide you in a professional way.

We do 25-35 decks a season and do not do minor repairs or porches.

Our decks keep getting better with interesting features.

if you are looking for affordable and top quality, then look at contacting us.

If you are thinking pressure treated, go look at a friends deck that is 5 years old and look the surface, the brown pressure treated is not near as long lasting as the green.